Clips (standard)

Clips (standard)

TongS clips for ISO indexable inserts without a hole. TongS clips are attached onto the empty TongS rod. A clip holds exactly one plate at 4 crossed points. Clips are offered in different sizes for different panels and can be adapted to panel thicknesses from 1mm to 8mm.

The standard clips have different distances between the claws according to the size of the plate to be used. All clips are approximately 15mm high. First, the clips are attached onto the rod. (If you order clips and rods together, we will do that for you.) Then follow the tension clip and the top tab. Now the plates are inserted. The charging rail usually helps here. When all inserts are in position, the clamping clip is pressed down. Even more clamping force can be applied with the lower adjusting screw and the help of our TongS mandrel.

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TongS Clip No. 2

Product no.: 403962233

4.30 *
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Delivery weight: 0.904 g

TongS Clip No. 3

Product no.: 396172119

4.50 *
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Delivery weight: 1.316 g

TongS Clip No. 4

Product no.: 389850214

4.70 *
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Delivery weight: 1.158 g

TongS Clip No. 5

Product no.: 390241305

6.30 *
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Delivery weight: 2.304 g
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