Colt Teller 120

Each COLT plate (except for the universal Colt plates) is delivered with screwed in bearing bolts.
The bearing bolts can be exchanged if necessary.

To make a selction for COLT Plates you need this information:

- Plate Diameter (which must be smaller than your max. spindle diameter)
- Size and shape of your 
Planet Shank (most of the images show a square shape)
- Number of bearing pins on the outer circle (Substrates and sleeves should not touch each other)
- Distance of the bearing pins from the outer diameter (should be 0,5 x sleeve diameter)

The name of the Colt plates already contains all the essential information. For example, 130 x 10, V15 for H16-20 is a plate with an outer diameter of 130mm. V15 describes a square shank of 15mm x 15mm and 10 pins for sleeves of 16mm - 20mm outer diameter. Smaller sleeves can also be plugged in, but do not reach the outer diameter. If larger sleeves are inserted, the outer diameter is exceeded. Different sleeve diameters on a plate and bearing pins without sleeves are not recommended during the coating process. 

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